Ola, Poland, in Bulgaria for 2 months

Alexandra Tekieli

What is EVS for you?

I think EVS it is chance to meet other people, other culture and to have new experience, and to do something good to others.

What is Varna and Bulgaria to you?

This place showed me different life and different people, and different everything.

And what this city means to you? Is it special now for you?

Yes, for sure! I think it’s because I spent here 2 beautiful months and I fell in love with this city. Yeah, for sure it means something good. Something good and something special.

Would you like to come back to Varna?

Yes, of course! I don’t know when exactly, but for sure I will come back. I was thinking that I would like to show it to my friends and my family that I was here, I did here something. So yes, I definitely want to come back here.

So you want to come here with other people, to show this city?

I think yes, because I am so proud that I spent here 2 months and I can show them everything.

So you feel like you know this city?

Not exactly, because I have feeling that I know some part of this city, maybe not all of it, because I’m still lost sometimes, but some parts, yes, like road to Cubo.

How did you end up in Bulgaria

I was thinking about EVS earlier in my life but I was studying, but then I decided to do short term EVS. And I had to choose between Portugal and Bulgaria. When tell this people are always surprised why I didn’t choose Portugal. But the reason is – ok, the project in Portugal maybe was a bit more boring, but actually I was sitting with my friend on balcony and I had coin, I tossed it and it was Bulgaria.

So the coin decided your destiny, not you?!

Well, actually heaven.

Are you happy with that?

Yes, of course. I think that happened what needed to happen.

What do you love here in Bulgaria?

Definitely the sea, beach, climate. Em.. Prices.

For you climate was not a problem?

No, definitely no, because I love sea. And when I first saw it I was like a child, really happy. Ok, sometimes the hot weather is a bit annoying but I really enjoy it, because I haven’t been to a really hot country for a long time, so I told myself – let’s take a little bit of sun here.

What do you do here, what is your job?

Basically the same thing what Milena already explained. We are working in the orphanages with children, I sometimes play piano with them. We’re playing some games, we try to understand each other (it’s so hard). I didn’t spend that much time in daily center with disabled people, because it’s too hard for me. Because I think you need to be a strong person to work with people who are sick, who need you, who can’t do anything by them self.

And you don’t feel that strong?

Not yet.

What do you like most about this country?

Only about this country or about Varna too? Because in Varna I really love dolphins.

Have you seen them in the sea? Like real dolphins?

No, I haven’t. I didn’t go to Dolphinarium too, shame on me I know, but the dolphins on the street was enough for me. And yesterday in the park I saw something like water bike and it was like a dolphin, so it was really cool.

How were you surprised by Bulgaria?

Language surprised me, because when I came here I had forgotten that in Bulgaria they use Cyrillic alphabet, so it was kinda surprise. Lucky for me Milena knows it. And I was surprised because the language itself is similar to Polish, so it was a surprise that I can sometimes understand them.

Is there something with what you can’t live or agree here?

I don’t think so… No. Nothing.

Is there something you don’t like in this country?

Yes… The national yogurt and tarator*. I tasted it and it’s disgusting, Dégueulasse!

What will you bring home from here?

Food. For sure I want to take wine, menta**. Also I want to take sirene and lyutenitsa. And also something from rose of Bulgaria.

How did you deal with the homesickness?

I was talking a lot with my family and my friends. At the beginning I didn’t think about it, I was like really happy that I was here, that I changed something in my life and I knew that it is only for 2 months. Right now it’s harder, because I know that in 2 days I will be home, so I’m just waiting . Sometimes to deal with it I was talking with Milena to kill my time

Maybe you had some reverse home sickness when you miss some other place not home?

I think when I will go home, definitely I will miss Varna. For sure. For me it’s easy to get used to some place, so I will miss Varna.

What is your life outside of work?

It was spending time with other volunteers and not only volunteers. With other people. And walking, and looking for clothes. I did some trips, not so far, just around Varna, but still interesting.

How much you were involved in the local culture?

We went to few concerts of jazz music and also in movie festival, it was at the beginning when we arrived. And I met some locals, so it’s also a culture.

Have you found some new hobbies here or started to do something new?

Maybe I will start to change my life after I go home. This was something new, I met some new people and I saw that you can live in other ways than I live. After Bulgaria I want to see more world.

So you will change your life in the way that you will travel more or how you will change your life?

Maybe. I want to. And I believe that I can do this.

Have you fallen in love with something new here?

With Bulgaria. With sea again. With living next to the sea. I really like it. And I have never done it before, because I lived in the mountains.

In one word describe – what is your future!


Thank you very much!

*Tarator –  a soup that includes ground walnuts, garlic, and yogurt, and often cucumber  found in the cuisines of Eastern Europe.

** Menta – a sweet mint liqueur prepared from natural ingredients like spearmint oil. It is a refreshing drink popular in Bulgaria in the summertime.


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